Benefits of High Bay LED Lights

In Lighting by Maxine C. Herrera

high bay led lights

High bay lights are fixtures used in warehouses, factories, gymnasiums or open areas with high ceilings. Traditionally, the lights used in these spaces are of high intensity discharge (HID). However, this outdated technology is inferior to LED illumination. It is, therefore, worthwhile switching to modern LED lighting that entails benefits such as:

  • Great visual performance displayed with intense brightness
  • Very little upkeep required
  • Slow degrade overtime as opposed to sudden failure
  • Longer lifespan
  • Energy consumption reduced by 30%-50%
  • Energy efficiency achieved by lower use of power
  • Reduction in energy costs
  • Smart sensors leading to further reduction in costs

Switching to high bay led lights also entails less cooling costs for a facility simply because LED bulbs generate less heat than traditional means of illumination. Moreover, the damage-proof quality of the LED system is owed to its enhanced durability and it is a major advantage in a workplace.

Light uniformity and other such benefits include:

  • No flickering
  • No slow warm up
  • No light level variations
  • Less light distortion
  • Minimal static build-up

It is easy to upgrade the current lighting system of a warehouse to LED lights that are cost-effective, reliable and energy-efficient. The only downside is the upfront investment that can be quite high depending on the context. However, the installation process is easy and the maintenance is virtually non-existent. The only exception to this is outside installation that requires added protection in order to preserve the lighting system from weather damage.

Indoors, the system is installed on a high ceiling in order to keep the area well-lit and free of artificial shadows. Once high bay led lights are installed, immediate benefits consist of:

  • High lumen efficiency that renders the colors of objects as bright and vivid as possible
  • Longevity
  • Power consumption decreased by 40%
  • Customization by means of affordable software
  • No traces of mercury or harmful radiation
  • Lower fire and heat emission rate
  • Even dispersion of light
  • Budget-friendly design options
  • Better aesthetics achieved by smaller-sized fixtures and bulbs

In a warehouse, LED lights can also be used to create perspective in space because they add another layer to an already spacious area. Therefore, the ultimate result consists of optimal aesthetics achieved through ambiance and position of bulbs.

The task, accent and ambient of the source of light can also be considered in order to provide more depth to the space of the area. Furthermore, task lighting is suitable for the needs of staff members working in a warehouse or facility because it prevents eye strain and headaches.

As a result, illumination is very important in a factory, warehouse or open area and switching to a practical and useful LED system can be easily achieved through proper planning. When planning for this, it is important to take into account the different levels of brightness provided by LED lights. Also to be considered are color options that can influence the mood of the workers. The color of lighting can affect people both physically and psychologically. This is why workplaces should bathe in a shade that can change employers’ moods. Emotion-altering effects of the LED system can be customized to suit the needs of staff members. Customization options (such as brightness) can be app-controlled through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or smart devices, which is why the benefits on the human psyche can be remotely achieved.