Gardening Tips

Gardening tips for home improvement.

In Gardening tips by Maxine C. Herrera

Cultivating plants has its benefits. Not only do you get healthy fresh food but also chores related to gardening such as watering, tilling, weeding, etc. are a daily exercise regimen. Every home has at least a small vacant plot. With some tips on how to maintain your outdoor space, you can add extra positivity to your home and increase its functionality.

Space utilization.

Always divide your plot into two. One-half of the land can be used for planting vegetables, the other half for flowering plants. It’s always good to construct a wall or a fence around your plot so that random people wouldn’t walk into your plot. Run a creeper or a wildflower through the wall or fence. If your plot is too small, plant small, wide bushes to the sides of the gate. This makes the plot appear big. Try to leave the center plot empty. Do not crowd the center space with a lot of plants. Plant towards the sides of your fence. This provides an illusion that your plot is larger than it is. Fix a normally sized mirror to the wall. Mirrors make the plot look larger. If your plot is large, create a water feature like a bird bath right in the center. This adds creativity to your garden.

Lighten your pots.

There is a simple hack to lighten your heavy pots. Fill half your pots with peanuts. Place fabric over the peanuts and fill soil. Plant over the ground. This helps you to transport your containers and makes a rearrangement of your garden easier.

Position your plants well.


Plants like roses require ample sunlight. Make sure you arrange your plants in such a way that plants that need more sunlight are positions towards the center. Plants that grow well in the shade can be planted towards the sides or under a big tree or shrub

An effective way to remove pests.

Spraying chemicals to get rid of pests is not a good alternative until you have heard about this natural substitute. Fill a can with beer and bury it in the soil. The odor attracts the slugs, and they end up getting drowned in the beer. You can throw out the remains the next day and fill it with a clean batch. Spraying vinegar over plants keeps away snails. Lemon water spray keeps away aphids from attacking plants. Buy milky spores and spray it over plants to prevent grubs.

Vertical Garden.

The vertical garden can be created in homes with decidedly less outdoor space. One side of the wall or fence can be converted into a vertical garden. Arrange racks horizontally one below the other in straight lines. Using pots, plant flowering plants or shrubs. Old plastic bottles can also be recycled to make vertical gardens.