How To Turn Your Basement Into A Man Cave

In Construction by Maxine C. Herrera

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Men like to have a space of their own, a man cave to escape to. While not all houses are suitable for turning a room above the ground into such a space, most homes have basements that are not used to the fullest of their potential and can be made into a comfortable refuge – here are some tips.

Prepare Your Basement Thoroughly

To make sure that your man cave will give you the lasting comfort that you are looking for, the thorough preparation of the space is essential. Start by removing everything from the basement and assess the condition of the items removed. Create three piles – one for the things that are broken or useless and need to be scrapped; one for the items that are in proper condition and can be sold or donated and a third one for the things that you want to keep. Find a suitable container and toss the clutter, then use online marketplaces to list any items that are still in proper working condition or donate them and find suitable storage for the items that you want to keep.

The next step is a detailed inspection of the condition of the floor and the walls in the basement. If you detect any dampness, rot or mildew, remove the damaged flooring and the wall and take steps to eliminate the issue. If necessary, remove any plaster from the walls and let the space dry – it might take long, but it is essential, no further work should be performed until the walls and the floors are in proper condition. When the structural elements of the space are in proper condition, you should insulate the space – consider both insulation to prevent heat loss and the accumulation of moisture and sound insulation. Pay attention to the windows as well – decide whether the old ones need to be replaced and if they do, handle that task before moving on to the nest phase.

Designing the Space

When the basement is prepped, it is time to create and execute your design. Whatever scope you will be using your man cave for, whether it is for listening to and playing music, for watching movies and sports, for entertaining guests, for working out or just spending some time away from the hassle in the rest of the house, using light colors and installing layered light are essential for making the space as comfortable as possible. Use materials of the highest quality that you can afford and make sure to use them correctly, too.

An Alternative Solution

If you are not an experienced DIYer, you can turn to a professional basement remodeling Beacon Point contractor for your basement remodeling project. If the process involves work performed on the electrical wiring in the walls, the plumbing and the ventilation systems, it is probably a good idea to hire a general contractor who will work with specialized subcontractors to ensure the highest possible quality in your room. The solution is likely to cost you a bit more than DIY remodeling, but it will save you time and the investment comes with all the benefits of professionalism.