Things You Have to Ask A Potential Roofer When You Are Shopping for A New Roof

In Property Management by Maxine C. Herrera

Ideally, shopping for a new roof should start with shopping for the right roofing contractor. While minor repairs, such as the straightening of a line of shingles or the replacement of a tile, can be safely and efficiently attempted by DIY roofers, more complex tasks, including roof replacements or the installation of the roof on a new construction, should always be left to professional roofers in Austin. The experience and the reliability of the roofer that you hire for your project being such an essential factor of success, here are some of the topics to discuss with potential roofers before hiring a contractor.

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You should work only with roofers in Austin that are properly licensed and insured to provide roofing services in your state. When you meet a roofer that seems suitable based on your preliminary discussions, ask the contractor to provide proof of their state-issued roofing license as well as of their general liability and worker’s compensation insurance to prove that you and your property are safe in case of any incident that happens because of the roofer’s fault.

Good Austin roofers never stop learning, they usually grab every opportunity to take part in workshops and courses organized by professional organizations and the manufacturers of roofing materials to become familiar with new technologies and material options. Ask the roofer you are talking about the training courses that they have participated in and check their certificates, too.

The Roofing Process

It is very important to find out about the steps involved in your roofing process. Ask the roofer to walk you through the project phases, from the initial preparation of the site to the material purchasing process and from the installation of the materials to the final cleaning of the job site. Find out about the safety measures that will be used on your site, such as safety harnesses and safe ladders.

The type and the quality of the materials to be used on your roof will determine many aspects, including your budget, the durability of your roof, its resistance to the elements, its thermal efficiency and its aesthetic appeal. Ask the roofers in Austin to present the options that you have and to evaluate those options to help you pick the best solution.

The removal of any waste generated during the roofing process is also an important topic. Ask the roofer about how that phase is handled, whether the contractor brings their own container to collect the waste, whether they will pay for a rented container or you will have to and whether they ensure the safe depositing of that waste.

The Warranties Offered

Every type of roofing material comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers for manufacturing defects and your roofer should also offer you warranty on the workmanship provided. Many roofing material manufacturers require their materials to be installed by licensed roofers – any installation by an unlicensed person will void that warranty, therefore it is essential for you to hire a roofer who is qualified to work with the materials of your choice.