Considerations When Replacing Your Garage Door

In Garages by Maxine C. Herrera

You know the time has come to replace your garage door. Its look is an eyesore and it makes a terrible rattle as it opens and closes. It is not feasible to fix it – the cost does not justify the remaining lifespan. So you have to go shopping for a new garage door.

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New Garage Doors Means More Security and Comfort

The good news is that buying a garage door now gives you the freedom to choose a lot of features. Materials, colors, designs and operation modes have evolved a lot since the last time you installed a door on your garage.

You will actually find it hard to make up your mind – you have so many models to choose from. However, you can rest assured that even the entry level garage doors are made following high standards of safety and comfort.

Getting Ready to Explore the World of Garage Door Dealerships

The best place to find a garage door is the official dealership close to your home. These companies do not only sell doors, but can also help you with ongoing maintenance and service. They hire experienced technicians and know where to source parts and components when it is necessary to repair your garage doors.

Once you identified a dealership for garage doors in your local area, it is time to prepare for the first discussion. Here is what you should consider:

  1. Measurements

The specialists from a company that does garage door repair near me will take the precise measurements to install the new garage door. However, you should have the basic data – length and height – available for the first meeting with the representative of the garage door company.

This will help the dealer present you models that fit your available space and give you an accurate estimate of the cost. Otherwise, you may find out at the last minute that the door you want does not fit or his significantly more expensive than you expected.

  1. Design and Style

A garage door is usually visible from the street. This is why you must make sure that the model you choose fits with the overall décor and architecture of your home. The best solution is to take several photos of your home – both close ups and street views – and bring them to the meeting with the dealer.

They know the models in stock and can make a few recommendations that will look great next to your home.

  1. Insulation

Do you want an insulated garage door? This option will add a few hundred dollars to the final price, but it is a good investment if your garage is attached to the house.

During the winter, heat seeps out through walls. A freezing cold garage will lower the temperature in the adjacent room. Thus, you will have higher energy bills, something you can avoid if you opt for an insulated garage door.

  1. Materials

The most popular materials for garage doors are steel, fiber glass composite and wood. Each of them has strong and weak points and the dealer will detail them for you. It is up to you to select a material that will offer you the desired benefit for the price you can pay.