DIY Tips for Home Remodeling

In Home Improvements by Maxine C. Herrera

Should You DIY Or Remodeling Contractors Whether you are planning to sell your current home or you just need some change and more functionality, there are lots of DIY remodels for the inside and the outside that are affordable, fun to do and can instantly change the way your home looks. You will need some dexterity, tools and all your imagination, but you will surely enjoy the process – here are some tasks to try.

Exterior Cleaning and Remodeling

Cleaning the siding and refreshing the paint on your building exterior brings instant results. Depending on the material of your siding, you can use your pressure washer or you can do the cleaning manually, with a sponge or a brush and water from a bucket. If the material on your exterior can be painted, choosing a color that matches your home’s style can also transform the way your home looks instantly.

Refreshing your deck is also a great way to make your property more attractive and more comfortable. Clean every part of the deck and each piece of furniture, then correct any chips, cracks or other faults and apply a suitable protective coating, stain or paint on the deck.

Refreshing the front door and the paint on the exterior accents and the trim is also a great way to prove your creativity and to enhance your home’s curb appeal.  It is a big task though and requires safety measures climbing the ladders and such, and is some cases is best left to Denver remodeling contractors to do the job.

Interior Projects

Painting is a great way enhance the appearance of your rooms as well. Pick suitable colors, then prepare the wall by removing the old paint and washing the wall with some soap water. Wait until the cleaned wall dries completely, then apply the new paint.

Another great DIY remodeling project for your home interior is cabinet refreshing. If your cabinet doors look old and worn, but the boxes are still sturdy, you can refresh the appearance of your cabinets with some paint or wallpaper. You can also replace the handles – the small detail will completely transform the way your cabinets look. The method is equally suitable for cabinets in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

Replacing fixtures and refreshing the flooring in your bathroom and in the kitchen is also fun and beneficial. A new tap in the kitchen, a new shower head in the bathroom and some new lights are not very expensive, but the replacement will make two of the most used spaces in your home look brand new. You can also get a new shower door to enhance both looks and comfort.

Refreshing your floors is also very impactful. If you have hardwood floors, you can rent a polishing machine to restore the health and the shine of your floor boards, while in the kitchen and in the bathroom, your job can be even simpler: all you need to do is to choose a sheet of attractive vinyl flooring and lay it down on the floor.

New window treatments can also transform your rooms instantly – just remove your old curtains and drapes, measure them, then pick your new materials in great colors that match the color on the walls and the style of your room and make your new window treatments.