The Best Types of Home Siding Materials Based on Cost and Practical Application

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Best Types Of Home SidingTrying to use the best home siding for your home can be a bit of a difficult choice, especially when you don’t really know which ones would actually work best for you in the long run. Budget concerns will naturally also come up, and you might have to face a tough choice from a practical perspective.


So let’s take a closer look at what some of the best and cheapest choices are, when it comes to finding the ideal siding for your home.


Types of Siding You Can Consider


The world of home siding has changed considerably in the past couple of decades. Now homeowners have a lot of different choices based on their preference of materials as well as design and customization.  The new siding affords the homeowner not to have to hire the services of house painters Highlands Ranch offers.


Vinyl, composite, aluminum and steel are among the favorites for homeowners who want basic and easy to install siding that will do the job in most cases. For better aesthetics, you can also opt for wood and stucco, as well as brick and stone veneer or even faux stone. Also, according to most experts, one of the best and most durable type of siding used today is fiber cement, alongside composite siding.


Which Ones Are the Best?


Although there isn’t actually a type of siding that can be considered “best” from all angles and in all respects, you can take each of them and compare them based on your own preferences. For instance, if it’s durability and weather protection that you seek, then steel, fiber cement and aluminum can be considered the best.


In terms of low costs and easy installation, vinyl and aluminum are the best, and the same goes for choosing siding that’s lighter and easier to manage should you need repairs or replacements down the line.


When it comes to aesthetics and design, however, nothing beats stucco, stone veneer and brick. Some of the most beautiful patterns and textures can be obtained with these types of siding, and you’ll do well to consider them for increasing the value of your home, despite their somewhat greater costs.


How Much Do They Cost?


So how much does it cost to buy and install your siding? For a typical, moderate size home, you’ll find the price per value ratio to be best in the case of aluminum, steel and fiber cement siding. However, this isn’t necessarily the rule for everyone.


The cheapest siding is naturally vinyl, which only costs about $2.50 to $4 per square foot, along with an additional $1.60 to $4 for installing it. At the other extreme, faux stone is the most expensive type of siding, costing $7 to $20 per square foot and around $10 per square foot for installation.


When it comes to overall value, however, fiber cement, composite and steel siding are generally considered the best. They are nearly as cheap as vinyl to install, ranging between $5 and $12 total cost per square foot, and their practical benefits far outweigh that of some of the more expensive types of siding that you can buy.